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Tip Plasty

All structures of nose should be evaluated in nasal aesthetics. During the evaluation of the nose, which is composed of structures such as the bone, cartilage, skin and mucosa,  deformities that impair the integrity can be corrected by performing appropriate interventions on those areas and thus the problems can be solved.

An intervention called ‘‘tip plasty’’ is carried out to correct nasal tip deformities which is one of such situations that we confront. Actually, tip plasy is applied routinely during the conventional rhinoplasty procedure to change the nasal tip and make it distinctive. However, if there is only a tip deformity in a nose this procedure can be applied separately as well.

When we mention nasal tip deformities, inconveniences such as nasal tip ptosis, indistinct nasal tip, discreteness of nasal tip, wide nostrils, weak nostril support and bulbous or square shaped, broad nasal tip can be listed.

Tip plasty is an intervention which is often performed under local anesthesia and can solve the existing problems in approximately in 30 minutes. It by no means requires hospitalization and includes tampon application.

According to the condition of deformity, operation is carried out either with the closed method where all incisions are made inside of the nose or open technique where the nasal tip is intervened by making an incision from the tip.

There are methods at which excesses causing cartilage deformities can be removed during the procedure, as well as those, at which the nasal tip can be reshaped by adding cartilaginous tissues to the areas where the support structures are weak and shape-related inconveniences exist.

Nasal tip cartilages are reshaped with special suturing techniques so that the nasal tip looks single and equal.

If the size of nostrils are disproportionate to the face, nostrils are reduced in a way that the scars can be hidden inside the nose or are tried to be made thinner with thinning needles.

The patient can spend the night at home after tip plasty procedure. Compared to the conventional rhinoplasty there aren’t any bruises and swellings occur only on nasal tip but they dissociate rapidly. A bandage application is performed on nasal tip with small bands for the first week and this can be removed after 5-7 days.

You can get a more compliant and elegant nose with tip plasty which is a comfortable and painless procedure.

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