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Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

What is hand aging? How does it occur?

Volume loss in dorsums of hands due to neglecting of our hands most of the time, contacting destructive and harmful substances without protection and deterioration in skin quality as well as elasticity loss of skin related to this volume loss cause an appearance with bulging veins. Lack of sun protection and also increase in spottings on dorsums of hands due to natural aging process cause our hands to have an old and lifeless appearance which we never desire. In conclusion, we consider these deformities occuring in hands as skin, subskin and cellular losses and find solutions according to the needs.

With how many methods are hand rejuvenation operations performed?

Hand rejuvenation operation can be applied in different ways according to the degree of existing deformities. When all of these methods are taken into consideration, each operation is so comfortable that there is no need at all to walk around with old hands for many years. While care processes, which are most contemporarily performed with lasers, dermabrasion method and chemical agents may be enough for skin blemishes and roughness on hand, wrinkles occuring due to volume losses in dorsum of hand, veins that has begun drawing attention at an extreme level and impairment of fresh appearance can be corrected with ready-made filling materials; injections of adipose tissue enriched with stem cells, which I frequently apply and of which I am extraordinarily pleased with the results, is the most contemporary and successful treatment method.

In whom are hand rejuvenation operations performed?

Hand rejuvenation operations can be applied in everyone depending on the deformity level in person. These deformities occur, of course, basically due to aging, smoking, neglect of hand care and the fact that the habit of using gloves in daily works which should be performed with gloves hasn’t been developed in our society. Besides that, we apply injections of adipose tissue enriched with stem cells in deformities occuring due to burns and chemical injuries which may happen in hands. Apart from problems due to burns and traumas, I often apply this treatment in my patients in which I applied facial rejuvenation. In fact I routinely apply hand examinations in patients now who visit me for face examination. Because ensuring the integrity of face with itself(forehead-orbital area-nose-circumoral-jowl) and also concordance with hands which is another exposed body part is very important in terms of ensuring integrity in aesthetic interventions, which has been increasingly gaining importance recently.

How are hand rejuvenation operations performed?

Laser, dermabrasion and skin rejuvenation applied with chemical acid peels, which are among the methods that we apply to perform hand rejuvenation, can be applied in clinical environments. Peeling and spot treatment are performed with lasers. Dermabrasion procedure is also another method which is applied by means of a special diamond-tipped motor and in which peeling is performed and spots are removed. Skin rejuvenation with chemical acid peels is actually a preventive method which can be applied both in face and hands before the deformity occurs. However, the most effective method in hand rejuvenation is injections of adipose tissue enriched with stem cells. This procedure can be applied in operating room environment under a mild anesthesia. The tissues, derived from person’s umbilical region through special tools without impairing the structure of fat cells, are enriched with stem cells and injected into hands. Thus, a very strong impression of youthfulness  occurs with the rejuvenating effect of stem cells along with volume losses of hands.

Are these procedures painful?

None of these procedures is painful. After getting through the first 3 days with the help of mild analgesics, our patients usually don’t have any other needs.

Does it require anesthesia?

Since hand rejuvenation procedure is often applied together with facial rejuvenation surgeries, the operation is applied anyway when our patients are under anesthesia. If the trouble is only in hands and this procedure is to be performed individually, a mild anesthesia which we call ‘‘sedation’’ will be sufficient at fat tissue removal stage only.

What are experienced after these procedures, which difficulties does it have? May problems occur?

Edema occurs in hands within the first 3 days after these operations. Mild numbnesses might be felt related to this. If also skin rejuvenation has been performed along the with cell injections, crustings will occur in the dorsum of hand which are replaced by new skin within the first 5-7 days. Compaints during movement are normal within the first few days after this procedure but analgesic pills are sufficient to eliminate these complaints. We don’t encounter significant problems in hand rejuvenation procedures, which gives extremely successful results after a good application.

Are results of hand rejuvenation procedures long-lasting?

The results of hand rejuvenation procedures are definetely long-lasting. However, we inform our patients, considering the deformity level and continuation of aging, that a second session of tissue injections into dorsum of hands could be useful.

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