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Gynecomastia (largeness and sagging of male breast) is a problem which constitutes a serious aesthetical problem for men. It may occur due to extreme weight gain and loss and since it might be seen with concomitant hormonal disorders and several diseases, possible causes should be definetely examined preoperatively.

But it often occurs for no reason as well. If the gynecomastia problem, which confront  us at certain levels, is in mild degrees, then it can be corrected with liposuction (fat suction).

If an enlarged breast tissue is present and liposuction is not enough the operation is performed by making  a semilunar insicion to areola.

If there are cases where gynecomastia is accompanied by saggings and excessive skin, in other words advanced stages are the case, correction of nipple position and removal of excessive skin are necessary which can’t be done without leaving scars, however these can be reduced using special methods.

Duration of hospitalization varies between 1-2 days depending on the operation method. A special bandage is used up to 2 weeks after the operation.