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Chemical Peeling

Long exposure to sun light without protection, smoking, not being able to protect ourselves from wind, cold weather and other harmful factors in our environment(air pollution, exhaust smoke) cause early skin aging. Therefore primarily, protecting our skin and applying correct skin care to say ‘‘stop’’to aging plays a key role in maintaining our youth and beauty.

After paying attention to skin care, it is possible to get rid of fine wrinkles and unwanted spots on skin with chemical skin cleansing and peeling procedures that are performed in professional hands. In this procedure known as chemical peeling, the top layer of skin is peeled with several fruit acids(glycolic acids) or chemical substances(TCA,Trichloroacetic acid) and a skin formation is ensured which holds more moisture below, is vital, healthy and smooth.

The way of preparation and ingredients of acid used in this procedure are important and this can be applied once or in sessions. Ready-made preparations containing these chemicals are available in market in recent years. These products are used in sessions at 1-2 week intervals  according to their ingredients. Light chemicals cause erythema lasting only one or two days while heavy chemicals can wreak havoc (and of course more smoothing effect)  on skin. There is a recovery period accordingly.

To apply it in autumn and winter when the impacts of sun decline, prevents occurance of unwanted effects.

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