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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prominent ear aesthetics, which is called otoplasty in the medical literature, aims to correct the shape of auricle. It may be disturbing for patient to have large ears or protruding ears even if the size is normal. This operation can be applied to patient who are uncomfortable with the shape of their ears.

Prominent ear aesthetics are also made for children. It is known that children at the age of 5-6 are the ideal candidates for this operation. Prominent ear appearance can be quite disturbing for children. Being ridiculed for having prominent ears will damage the self-confidence of children at school age. For this reason, prices of prominent ear aesthetics is one of the issues that families often ask about.

What Is Prominent Ear?

The outward positioning of auricle is popularly known as prominent ear among patient. It is a condition that can be seen in both men and women and it starts to disturb patient from childhood. Therefore, early intervention is important for raising self-confident individuals.

Physical appearance is extremely important for patient. It is desired to have aesthetically pleasant appearance on certain organs such as ears, since they are especially important for having a beautiful facial expression. In case of deformities, prominent ear aesthetics can be applied. It is possible to get rid of prominent ears thanks to this operation which takes about one or two hours.

Reasons of Prominent Ear

Genetic factors rank first among the reasons of prominent ear. In addition, deformities can be seen in the auricle because of laying the baby in improper position in infancy or some traumas. However, genetic transition is the reason for most of the prominent ear cases. The presence of a family member with large or prominent ears is a risk factor for the child.

For whatever reason, prices of prominent ear aesthetics are investigated immediately in case of such a problem. However, it should be known that this operation can be performed at very affordable prices. It is an operation that should be carried out by a specialist physician.

What Kind of Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?

Having prominent ears is an important problem for a person from childhood. In some patient, it may be ignored because it is not so severe. If this situation does not disturb the person and does not affect their life negatively, there is no problem. They can continue to live this way. However, if one’s social life is negatively affected by prominent ears and if he loses his self-confidence, it means that aesthetic intervention is necessary. In this case, the prices of prominent ear aesthetics should be searched and action should be taken for the procedure.

Some aesthetic interventions are necessary for the person to continue his normal life. In short, prominent ear aesthetics may be inevitable in order to pursue a quality and healthy life. In this case, it would be best to benefit from this aesthetic intervention in the pre-school period instead of postponing the operation.

Recovery Period After Prominent Ear Operation

The operation is approximately completed in 1-2 hours. Efficient results are obtained in a short time. In the healing process, there may be minor differences from person to person. Recovery period is one of the most important issues in prominent ear aesthetics. Because it is an important question that when children can go back to school and adults can go back to work..

Bandages are placed on ear after the operation. They need to remain on the ear for a few days. Later, these bandages are removed during the control. In addition, some patient may have edema in the operation area. This situation turns normal in about two weeks. In other words, individuals can return to their work and school after a two-week resting period provided that they move carefully. The final shape of ears can be seen after 1-2 months. If they wait patiently, patient can get rid of their prominent ears and have a new ear appearance. Recovery period after prominent ear aesthetics is usually completed without any problems. However, it is compulsory to follow doctor’s recommendations.

Prominent Ear Surgery in Children

Prominent ear operation can be performed under local anesthesia for adults but general anesthesia is generally preferred for children. This can change according to the children’ age. Incision is made behind the ear and cartilage is intervened by entering through this incision. It is a very comfortable procedure that lasts quite short. It is a very common operation among children. Prices of prominent ear operation can vary for children and adults. The procedure applied may also change the price.

Children are in social interaction with their friends starting from preschool period. Therefore, self-confidence problems caused by prominent ears will negatively affect their social lives. If timely intervention is made, they will have a healthy childhood and adolescence period. Thanks to the prominent ear aesthetics, the desired angle is given to the ear. The protruding auricle is pinned back. This operation should be performed by an experienced specialist. The obtained results are very pleasing.

Families may worry about whether there will be hearing loss after this operation. However, there is not such a risk. It is not expected to encounter any hearing defect after the operation. On the contrary, children who get rid of prominent ear problem become psychologically healthier and they feel themselves better.

Prices of Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prices of prominent ear aesthetics is an important issue for patient. They wonder if they can afford this operation. However, the operation to be applied will change depending on the deformity of ear. For example, some patient have normal ears in size but the auricle is positioned outward while some patient have larger ears than normal. Therefore, operation technique and price of prominent ear aesthetics may change for each person.

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