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The ear completes its development at the ages of 4-6 after birth. Prominent ear deformity is the most frequently observed among the congenital ear abnormalities which occurs due to developmental differences in certain cartilaginous structures of ear.

This problem, which is encountered both in boys and girls in the same proportion, causes more discomfort in boys because girls hide it with their hair at younger ages but boys don’t have such a chance and humiliating words can not be prevented.

This can create serious psycological problems during our children’s puberty, therefore, for both girls and boys, we recommend that this operation is performed after the age of 6.

But because families don’t pay attention to this, persons look for a cure on their own in adult ages and consult to aesthetic surgeons usually at later times.

This operation procedure which is performed under local or general anesthesia, carried out by an incision which is made behind the ear and absolutely invisible; the cartilage is reshaped and the operation takes around 1-1.5 hours. There is no scar left behind and a bandage is applied for 24 hours after the operation. A tennis headband is advised for the subsequent 1 week.

The prominent ear repair operation which doesn’t leave surgical scars, is painless and very comfortable, is one the most pleasing operations in aesthetic surgery.