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Face and Neck Lift

Sagging skin confronts us earlier in a face where preventive care and interventions are not performed. Procedures to be applied in such cases are: neck lift, classic face lift and addition of mid-face lift and fat injections to these procedures.

Our struggle for face lift procedures is to get most effective result with most less visible scar. In classic face lift procedure, sagging of subcutaneous supportive tissues is corrected with an incision stretching from in front of the ear to the scalp.

In this procedure, saggings and wrinkles in neck are removed, jaw angle is made prominent and the neck is given a tight look with interventions to be performed in neck musles by stretching the incision also behind the ear. The surgery takes around 3-4 hours and performed under general anesthesia.

The first night after surgery is spent in hospital . Following the healing of swellings and bruises occuring in the facial area, the patient can go back to work within 10-14 days.

It is possible to attain a tight neck in persons which don’t have excess skin but significant lipoidosis in neck area (jowl), with liposuction that can be performed under local anesthesia.

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