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Breast Lift Turkey

Breast Lift Turkey

Breast lift turkey, operation is very efficient for women who are uncomfortable with sagging and cracked breast appearance. It is important to correct sagging breast to achieve a young body appearance. Breast sagging may occur due to some reasons such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, excessive weight changes and advanced age. It is a very common situation. Breast lift prices are very affordable and payment plans can be scheduled individually according the budget of each person.

Surgery is the most accurate method for sagging breasts caused by various reasons. It is generally not possible to achieve an effective recovery with other methods. Because exercise will only develop breast muscles. However, sagging occurs on the breast skin. Therefore, it will not be possible to recover sagging with exercise or diet.

How Is Breast Lift Performed?

Patient who have sagging breasts can greatly benefit from the breast lift operation. Operation is performed under general anesthesia and in operating room conditions. As a result of a preliminary examination by a specialist physician, it is investigated whether there is any objectionable situation about the surgery and operation is performed if there is no obstacle.

Sagging parts of the breast skin and excessive tissue are removed. Sagging problem in breasts caused by various reasons is a very common problem. Therefore, many patient ask about breast lift prices and what kind of an operation it is.

Who Should Have Breast Lift Operation?

It is inevitable to have breast sagging especially with advanced age. Although regular exercise is done, it is not possible to resist the effect of gravity. Breast lift operation can be planned for patient who have sagging and cracks in their breast tissue. Of course, person’s general health condition should be evaluated and it should be evaluated whether she is suitable for the operation.

Before Breast Lift Operation

Before the procedure, the breast skin is in sagged situation. This procedure is also performed to heal cracks in the skin. Before the procedure, some blood tests are requested to evaluate the general health status. In addition, the internal breast tissue is also visualized. It is recommended to stop smoking two weeks before the procedure. It is very important to follow this instruction because smoking delays healing process. Moreover, it should be stopped to take painkillers two weeks before the operation. If you need to daily use any medicine because of another disease, you should definitely inform your doctor. You can also request information about breast lift prices before the procedure.

After Breast Lift Operation

Patients need to go to control examination for a while after the operation. Operation area is examined by the doctor during these controls. Since the operation is performed for aesthetic concerns, women become very curious about how they will look like after the operation. For this reason, they get very impatient to see the result.

As long as the doctor’s recommendations are strictly followed during the recovery period, it is possible to notice the desired result immediately. It is necessary to avoid all kinds of exercises for one month and heavy exercises for three months after breast lift operation. Wound care should be carried out carefully and the operation area should be kept clean. Recovery will begin in a short time and correction will become noticeable on the breast tissue.

Can Women Breastfeed After Breast Lift Operation?

Breast tissue is not intervened in the breast lift operation. Sagging parts of the skin tissue are removed and breast gets in more upright position. Therefore, there is no obstacle for women to breastfeed after having breast lift operation. In fact, since the sagging breast tissue is recovered, it will be easier for babies to grasp the nipple. You can comfortably decide on having this operation after searching about breast lift prices.

Can Sagging Occur Again After Breast Lift Operation?

Another issue about breast lift operations is whether there will be sagging again in the breasts. Patient do not want to face the same problem after having surgery once. This is an absolutely normal expectation. As the excess skin tissue is surgically removed during this operation, it is not expected to have sagging problem again. However, it will be inevitable to see some sagging in cases such as excessive weight gain and loss.

Can Breast Lift Operation Completely Recover All the Cracks in Breast?

One of the aims of breast lift operation is to eliminate crack appearance. However, breast skin should be analyzed first and physical examination should be made in order to thoroughly answer this question. It then becomes possible to give clear information whether cracks can be completely recovered or not. Breast lift operation aims to heal both the sagging and cracked skin.

Are the Remaining Scars After Breast Lift Operation Disturbing?

The operation leaves scars inevitably since it is performed through incisions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform a breast lift operation without leaving any scar. However, it is tried to complete the operation with minimum incision area by working meticulously. If the incision area remains under the breast, it cannot be noticed from the outside. However, if you pay attention to your scar care during recovery period and heal the incision area smoothly, the remaining scar will become less visible.

Breast Lift Prices

Patient who complain about sagging problem are very curious about breast lift prices. You can request an appointment to get information about the details of the procedure, operation prices and whether it is suitable for you.

Breast aesthetic operations are one of the most common and popular aesthetic interventions all over the world. Sagging breast appearance can be seriously annoying for women. Therefore, taking action after the research on breast lift prices will allow you to have a more upright and younger looking breast tissue.

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