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Rhinoplasty Turkey

Rhinoplasty turkey, can be performed due to various deformities on the nose, which is the most important organ which affects facial expression.  It can be done for congenitally deviated noses, bigger noses and droopy nasal tips as well as deformities caused by traumas. Rhinoplasty prices change depending on the applied technique and severity of nasal deformity.

Facial appearance is very important for the self-confidence of patient. Thanks to these operations, you can be active again in your social life and satisfied with your reflection on the mirror. Nasal defects can only be corrected by aesthetic operation. If you think that it is the correct time, you can also apply for the operation after searching for rhinoplasty prices.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Operations which are performed for correcting deformities on the nose structure are called nose aesthetics. They can be done with close technique thanks to the developing medical technology. However, patients should be evaluated by the doctor whether they can be operated with close technique.

Before Rhinoplasty Operation

A preliminary examination is required before the operation. It should be evaluated whether the person is suitable for rhinoplasty operation. Rhinoplasty operation should definitely be performed by a specialist physician. It is performed under anesthesia and sterile conditions. Patient should also be evaluated for anesthesia before the operation. If you have regularly used medicines, allergies or chronic diseases, you should definitely inform your doctor beforehand.

How Is Rhinoplasty Operation Performed?

This operation should be performed by a specialist physician in operating room conditions. Intervention is done on patient’s nose structure.  The nose structure of the person is brought to the desired size and shape by working on the bone, cartilage structure and skin. The surgical technique applied is a determining factor on rhinoplasty prices.

Is Intranasal Buffer Placed in Rhinoplasty?

Buffers are used in the recovery process after rhinoplasty. However, buffers used in the old times are not anymore preferred today. These buffers which were used in the past would make it difficult to take breath and cause pain while it was being removed. Today, instead of these buffers, silicone and plastic plates are used. Therefore, patients can easily breathe. In addition, patients do not feel any pain while they are being removed. Thus, healing process is completed without any problems. Buffers are usually removed after an average of 3-6 days. The aim is to preserve the shape of the nose and to prevent complications such as bleeding.

When Are Patients Discharged After Rhinoplasty?

Patient may wonder about various issues related to this operation. While one of them is the prices, the other is when patients can be discharged after the operation. Patient naturally want to learn the time they can return to their normal lives and prepare themselves according to this period.

The general condition of the patient and whether complications occur after the operation affect the duration of discharge. If everything progresses as desired, patient can be discharged the same day or the night after. However, it is very important not to disrupt the controls and to pay attention to the recommendations during the recovery period.

Does Rhinoplasty Cause Much Pain? Swelling or Bruising?

Postoperative pain changes depending on the applied technique and severity of the nasal deformity. In other words, while the pain after an operation where only small corrections are done is milder, it is expected to have more pain after the operations where serious deviations are corrected. Patients benefit from painkillers for this pain. It disappears within a few days by decreasing gradually.

Cold compress can be recommended after rhinoplasty operations to prevent swelling and bruising. Mild swelling and bruising usually disappear in one or two days. Some patient may not even feel any swelling or bruising. The applied technique and some individual factors are responsible for this change.

Who Can Have Rhinoplasty Operation?

Patient who have the problems of nasal deviation, nasal deformity and nasal tip droopiness can undergo rhinoplasty operation after an examination of plastic surgeon. However, it is best to wait until the age of 18 when the nasal structure completes its development. In case of any traumatic situation or deformities which cause breathing difficulty, operation can be performed at any age.

Rhinoplasty Techniques

Rhinoplasty operation can be performed with two different techniques, which are open and closed techniques. Patient’s health condition should be evaluated and the operation technique should be decided accordingly. Moreover, rhinoplasty prices also vary depending on the applied technique.

Closed technique has more advantages because of rapid recovery period. Rhinoplasty prices change at this point. Closed technique does not also leave any operation scar. However, since the operation area is narrow in this technique, it must be performed by an experienced surgeon. Moreover, some nasal deformities may not be suitable for applying closed technique.

After Rhinoplasty Operation

Following the necessary instructions after the operation ensures a faster and smooth recovery. As well as rhinoplasty prices, recovery period also changes according to the operation technique. After the operation with open technique, it is inevitable to have a scar in the lower part of the nose even so invisibly,. Since it is hidden under the nose, it cannot be noticed from the outside. After an operation with closed technique, recovery period is much faster and it does not leave any visible scar.

Rhinoplasty Prices

It may be necessary to benefit from aesthetic operations for various nasal deformities. If your nose shape requires an aesthetic operation, you can decide on having operation after receiving information about rhinoplasty prices.

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