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Vaser Training

General Information

Why does Vaser® liposuction require such specialized training? 

Technology has crept into virtually every aspect of our daily lives, making everyday tasks easier than they were in the past, and making what was previously impossible, possible. However, much of the technology we own and use, we use only to a fraction of its capabilities. Vaser® is the gold standard in liposuction technology, but with its various tools and different energy levels there is much to learn. Only when surgeons fully understand the technology, will they fully reap its benefits. Patient come in all shapes and sizes, thus the body sculpting surgeon must be aware of all body types, and possess an excellent knowledge of the anatomies of superficial fat, muscle, and bone. With an understanding of the technology and practical “hands on” experience, combined with sound anatomical knowledge, surgeons can achieve perfect results, giving patients the bodies they desire.

What does this course offer?

 Obviously all plastic surgeons are familiar with liposuction techniques, but Hi-Definition Liposculture is a very different discipline. This course is aimed at surgeons of all levels, covering everything from the most basic techniques to the most advanced. On this course you will rapidly gain the necessary skills to achieve dramatic results, results that will in turn, result in more patients. You will learn • The anatomy of superficial fat, deep fat, muscle, and bone, and their relationships to each other • How to examine and mark patients prior to surgery • Fat grafting to enhance pectoral and deltoid muscles, in men. • Breast and gluteal fat grafting for women • Post operative care of patients • How to deal with any complications that might occur In addition to further developing your anatomical knowledge, and gaining valuable practical Vaser® Liposculpture experience, you will also learn how to view the human form with an eye for what it can be; the ‘V’ shaped male and the ‘S’ shaped female. Having completed the course, and having spent the time to hone your skills, you will no doubt change you’re your job title to ‘Body Sculptor’.



Trained Doctors

Surgeon Courses Contact Info
Sabet Salahia Vaser Hi-Def sabet.salahia@drsuadlutfi.com +97 155 886 3402
Punam Jawahar Biglani Vaser Hi-Def +971 555 22 8833
Dr. Sahar Al Kazzaz Vaser Hi-Def shr.alkazzaz@cosmesurge.com +971555228833
Dr. Afif Kanj Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Annamaria Kovacs Vaser Hi-Def drkovasannamaria@gmail.com +971 554 70 4405
Dr. Costantino Davide Vaser Hi-Def constantino.davide@cosmosurge.com +971 562 26 1347
Dr. Dora Evangelidou Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Maria Rubatti Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Annamaria Kovacs Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Johannes Scheepers Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Maria Isabel Acosta Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Claudia Alves Machado Vaser Hi-Def
Dr. Naseebah Nayef Vaser Hi-Def +971 563 29 7858
Dr. Laurentiu Emilian Blaga Vaser Hi-Def
Thamir Al Shaheen Vaser Hi-Def +974 557 552 25
Dr.Hamad Mohamed Al-Jaber Vaser Hi-Def hjaber@gmail.com
Dr.Shapour Azizi Vaser Hi-Def +989123467831
Dr.Omar Alameri Vaser Hi-Def +971504499896
Dr.Mohsen Hassanzadeh Vaser Hi-Def +989123883717
Dr. Amany Landoulsi Helal Vaser Hi-Def 000971566301119
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai
Dr. Paulo Hypacio Espinola Vaser Hi-Def +558181947799/td>
Dr. Emil Enginarian Vaser Hi-Def +97335133748
Dr. Samir Al Ali Vaser Hi-Def +447759901044
Dr. Irijana Rajkovic Vaser Hi-Def +385914594799
Dr. Çağrı Sade Vaser Hi-Def +905324525724
Dr. Davood Ramzi Vaser Hi-Def +989123344624
Jamil El Rahi,M.D Vaser Hi-Def drjamilraee@gmail.com
Ahmad Ibrahem ,M.D Vaser Hi-Def +97455722562
Adem Kllokoqi ,M.D Vaser Hi-Def +37745818281
Dr. Abdulrasheed Y A Taleb Vaser Hi-Def +96597288181
Dr. Kaloyan Denkov Vaser Hi-Def + Vaser assisted tummy-tuck +359878785607
Dr. Faisal Obeid Vaser Hi-Def + Vaser assisted tummy-tuck +966504245765
Dr. Khalid Nasir Alhammdany Vaser Hi-Def + Vaser assisted tummy-tuck +97455829250
Dr. Dean Cunha Gomes Vaser Hi-Def + Vaser assisted tummy-tuck +97339416022
Giuseppe Fiore Vaser Hi-Def +44 7462 880889


Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction” Live Makeover , 20th- 21st April , Athens by Dr. Kandulu


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