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Vaser Liposuction Turkey

What is Vaser Liposuction Turkey?

The vaser liposuction Turkey operation which is protecting its number one place in most  regions, and also racing with nose cosmetic surgery to be the best in our country too, ready to say I am the only one on the top with its new identity its shaped in.

With this new identity, vaser liposuction Turkey, let us shape the body in three dimension rather than keeping the fat away.

For many years, patient tried to keep fat away from the body and shape the body in many ways. Classical dry, wet and super wet liposuction methods which we used for many years are overthroned now. Liposuction, that emerged with ultrasound energy, looks like going to be talked about more and more. In addition to better results from Ultrasound liposuction (Vaser liposculpture) than classical vaser liposuction Turkey, with vaser hi-def liposuction it is possible to work on the body like a sculpturer in 3 dimension and shape it. Another surprise additional option that this device/technology has given to us is that it represents a new solution to cellulite treatment.

Vaser liposuction Turkey system that brings new dimension on vaser liposuction Turkey process with these 3 marvelous features, makes the unwanted results invisible and patients heal in comfort.

We could list main ones from most of this method’s benefits as, being specific to fat cells, preventing unnecessary blood loss, serving a very comfortable healing process, acquiring back the skins elasticity even healthier than before and keeping the removed fat cells alive after this fat cell specific progress. Because it is specific to fat cells, it never causes a connective tissue damage and that makes the skin tightenning and healing faster. Damage never given to veins and so that it prevents unnecessary blood loss again with its specific focus on the fat cells. Besides it doesn’t effect the nerves and muscles during operation and that prevents the mci pains from ever occurring after surgery. It helps incredibly on shaping the leg, hip and breasts which need fat cells densely because it helps fat cells to keep their liveliness during surgery so that makes autologous tissue transfer possible.

How is Vaser Liposuction Turkey Done?

The goal of the surgical technique known as Vaser Liposuction Turkey is to eliminate excess fat from the body. The “Vaser” method targets and destroys fat cells using ultrasonic sound waves. “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” is the acronym for this technique.

Here are the usual stages involved in the Vaser liposuction Turey procedure:

anesthetic: Vaser Liposuction Turkey  surgeon and patient will decide whether the patient will be given local or general anesthetic for the surgery.

In order to prepare the region for the emulsified fat, the surgeon will inject a tumescent solution. The ingredients in this solution include seawater, a topical anesthetic, and the blood-constricting medicine epinephrine. To facilitate fat cell removal, the tumescent solution numbs the region, stops bleeding, and enlarges them.

The use of ultrasonic energy involves the employment of a customized Vaser liposuction Turkey device to produce waves of ultrasonic sound. The fat cells are the only ones these sound waves manage to damage; they have little effect on other tissues. Liquid or emulsion form is the result of the fat being liquefied by the ultrasonic radiation.

Fat aspiration involves making tiny incisions in the skin and inserting a thin cannula, which is like a little tube. A suction device aids in the removal of the emulsified fat from the body via the cannula. With deft hand movements of the cannula, the surgeon may shape and mold the body as desired.

Results Evaluation: The vaser liposuction Turkey surgeon keeps an eye on the progress of the treatment to make sure the fat is being cut away in the right places and that the ideal shapes are being obtained.

Sutures are used to seal the incisions once fat removal is finished. Compression garments are used to the treated region to aid with swelling and recovery after vaser liposuction Turkey surgery.

To reduce fat and shape the body, many people choose to Vaser liposuction Turkey. Many patients report less discomfort, shorter recovery times, and less bruising after this kind of liposuction compared to more conventional methods. Nevertheless, it is crucial to seek the advice of a skilled cosmetic surgeon in order to assess your individual requirements, learn about the risks and advantages of Vaser Liposuction Turkey, and anticipate the results of the treatment.

How Does Vaser liposuction Turkey Implement?

If the number areas of the body which ultrasound vaser liposuction Turkey needed is not large and stricted with 1-3 areas, it is totally okay to use sedation or local anesthesia. If the operation area covers the back, breasts and near, lower back, belly, legs and arms and such areas, it would be healthier to use general anesthesia. Operation starts with marking the areas which patients have excessive fat. Later, a special solution implemented to raise the selectivity on the fat tissue where operation is going to happen. After  injecting the solution from a small hole (3-5mm), with the applicable small probs, that designed for every areas speficly, melts fat tissue areas selectively, by getting into the body from those little holes. By these probs which  has a selective effect on the fat cells, the surgeon melts the fats homogeneously under the skin on a deep or shallow level and makes fats go away with the suction method. By the help of making the fat go away with this homogeneous way, there is not going to be a roughness or a bulge on the skin.

What we should pay attention before surgery?

Vaser liposuction Turkey method doesn’t require any attention before surgery like it isn’t necessary for you to do special diets or drugs. The general conditions like decreasing the usage of alcohol and stopping few days before surgery and staying away from the blood diluent drugs are valid for this process too.

What is going to be like after this surgery? Is it painful, does it require any special outfit?

Because fats melted with ultrasound waves without giving any damage to nerves, veins and muscles, we can say the period after the surgery is painless. The little gnaws that go away with painkillers could happen sometimes. Special bodice could be used for 2-3 weeks to draw back the dropsies quickly.

Does Vaser Lipo require hospitalization?

If the vaser liposuction Turkey weren’t implemented in a large area, it is unnecessary for the patient to stay in the hospital. It would be more than enough to stay 1 night in the hospital if the operation implemented on a large area of the body.

When could the patient return to social life?

Social life wouldn’t be interrupted after this kind of liposuction. We have many patients who joins their co-workers on a get together dinner after they got fat from their belly and hip melted on that morning. However, if we want to make a generalization, we would recommend one day of rest and also it would not be wrong if we say that after 3 or 5 days, we could get back to life as we know before surgery.

When will Vaser Liposuction Turkey Results appear?

Damage is never done to the connective tissue under the skin because of the way that ultrasound liposuction makes fat go away homogeneously and selectively, so it is safe to say that results would show more quickly than the classical method. Patient feels the diffirence soon after he or she get out from the operation and in the first week. However, we need first month to pass to see the dropsy draw back. The serious change on the body can be seen with in the apace draw back of the dropsy.


vaser liposuction turkey

Vaser Liposuction Turkey Before After


How Much Does Vaser Liposuction Turkey Cost 2024?

Several variables affect how much money you may expect to spend on Vaser liposuction Turkey. These include the clinic or hospital you go with, the surgeon’s level of expertise, your location within the country, and the amount of liposuction you need. Also, rates might fluctuate, so it’s important to contact clinics to get the most current pricing.


What is Vaser Liposuction Turkey Technique and what can be done with it?

Hi-Def is an advanced vaser liposuction Turkey technique. Just like giving shapes to sculpture, it helps muscle shadows become apperent according to patient’s topographical physical structre. We have to mention that this is not a slimming operation and also it would be correct to say that this operation is more suitable for silmmer patients.For patient who are thin but wants to eliminate the unwanted areal fat and wants sportive or more muscular look, the only way to do these things are through the ultrasound Hi-Def liposuction-lipofilling method.

It requires a very serious and thorough preperation before the operation. As you can recognise that every person’s muscle structure is unique and this uniqueness shows itselves in diffirent ways. Hence, if a really good inspection is needed, shape of the muscles will be detected and footprints on the skin will be marked with great care with the help help the visualization techniques.

Both shallower and deeper ultrasonic liposuction processes can be done on these marked areas thanks to technology of ultrasound. Old classical method brings unwanted results when shallower operations are implemented. But the new method brings succesful results. It is now possible to work on the footprints of the muscles carefully by the possibility to work shallower operations.

With this method, we take away the unwanted fat from where the shapening will happen on the body. So that Ultrasound method generally implementing on thinner patients and it enables fat cells liveness, we can transfer those fat in the areas which needed to muscles to have a distinct look. ( fat from men’s belly could be implement to abs and pectoral muscles, fat from women can be taken from belly and transferred to hips so that saturity happens in favor to look more sportive and fit) Best fitties patients fort his operation are that generally have %10-15 fat rate on their body.

What’s the diffrence between Vaser liposuction Turkey and classical liposuction?

Classical vaser liposuction Turkey is used for melting away the fats in regional areas and lessining the body measures. As to Hi-Def liposuction, it is a method which shapening the body by using 3. Generation ultrasound technology. With this method, extra fat tissue taken from areas of the body and placed where needed. More natural and muscular body forms created by this method.

This technique is usually used for areas such as belly, back and lower back, crotch, shoulder-arm and legs. Desirable structure and muscle shadow areas are different in men and women. In men, pectoral muscular vision is forefront, in women, the buttocks desired to be more distinct. Planning is organized according to  the existing footprints of muscles and body forms of the person. The most important feature in men’s Hi-Def shapening is the image of six-pack on belly. Atheletic and muscular vision features of men shows up when the belly, chest, edges of shoulder and back muscles become clear.

How is the process during and after the operation?

Time of the operation differs around 2-4 hours depending on the areas and extent which 3 dimensional shapening will be implemented. Intended body shape is given within those hours without any exercise. A patient with a six-pack dream, will wake up with a six-pack in his belly on the hospital bed. Special bodice that given after the operation should be worn about 2-3 weeks long. There will be no serious pain after the surgery but a tingling feeling may happen for 2-3 days. Operation doesn’t prevent you from going back to your social and work life, if you want to, you can even start some exercises in a week later.

Another surprise from Ultrasound Liposclpture

Smooth option of ultrasound liposuction heals all problems in women like cellulite problems which seen as unsolveable, and presents smoth legs to ladies. It is now possible to get rid of all cellulites marked on unwanted areas by interventions with the smooth caps.

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