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A very elegant nose? A nose with a very good breathing function? Or both of them? If we had a very beautiful nose but with an unhealthy breathing function, could we be happy?

Our nose is aesthetically one of the most valuable and characteristic features of our face, it also takes functionally a very important place with its support to the respiratory system.  Chronic headaches, dark circles under the eyes, mouth dryness, snoring, chronic upper respiratory tract problems and chronic fatigue syndromes can encountered due to a nose with an unhealthy breathing function. Therefore, a nose which has been reshaped aesthetically elegant but still has respiratory problems or respiratory problems that have occured after rhinoplasty operation can unfortunately not be regarded as successful.

The aesthetic beauty of nose may vary from person to person. You can have a nose which is admired by all but has some particular parts that disturb you and you can get it corrected or you can have a nose which doesnt’t have an aesthetic shape but is characteristic, totally specific to you and you may never get your nose operated.

However, apart from the beauty and ugliness of nose, everyone wants a nose through which he can breathe healthy. Therefore a solely visual approach to nose may cause imperfect results.
If we analyse the nose anatomically;nasal bones, ethmoid and vomer make up the bone structure and upper lateral cartilages, lower lateral cartilages and septum make up the cartilage structure.

These cartilage and bone structures make up internal and external valve structures to provide respiratory support. Also, turbinates made up by conchas play an important role in getting the air healthily into the lungs.
Congenital or acquired impairments (trauma, surgical intervention, drug use) occuring in any of these mentioned anatomical structures cause serious respiratory problems.

Respiratory problems, which are most frequently seen due to septal deviation, can be corrected with septoplasty operations without an aesthetic intervention on nose or with septorhinoplasty operations combined with aesthetic interventions in the nose.

Septal curvatures from midline creates problems also in other structures in the course of time by disrupting the whole physiological process of nasal respiration. If there is a development of hypertrophy in conchas it should be definetely intervened as well.

The curved part of septum is reached by peeling the mucosa on both sides of septum during the septoplasty operations.  The curved part can be removed without damaging the cartilage structure or this curvature could be corrected by reshaping septum via different methods.

If also an aesthetic intervention on nose is planned, rhinoplasty operation is added to the septoplasty operation and aesthetic changes, which have been planned together with the patient previously, can be performed by making several changes in nose dimensions, nose belt, nasal tip, nostrils and nasal wings and correcting the angle between nose and upper lip.

Septorhinoplasty is an operation that lasts 1.5-2 hours and is usually planned to be performed under general anesthesia. If the above mentioned respiratory problems exist special silicone- tampons, which enable you to breathe, will be applied at the end of the operation. But they are not applied if you don’t have a respiratory problem. Bruises are minimized by measures taken during the operation, already developed bruises nevertheless will be rather regressed 5 days after the operation.

The splint put on the nose is removed 1 week after the operation. In the 1.5 month period subsequent to this period, the nose should be kept away from traumas. With the regression of edema, you will get your new, beautiful nose within this period however it will take one year for your nose shape to refine.

If you have decided on having an aesthetic nose surgery, do not forget to mention also about your respiratory complaints in the interview with your surgeon.
Do not forget that, although everything is good and your operation is succesful, small deformities may occur due to wound recovery in the recovery period which can be corrected under local anesthesia. Scintific data shows that during one in every ten operations such small revisions are necessary.

Aesthetic nose surgery is the most important one among the aesthetic operations for it is located in the middle of the face and makes differences on the person. You should have scrutinized your nose and decided on whether you are really ready for these changes or not before this operation.You should clearly define the area of your nose which disturbs you and express it very clearly to your doctor.

Taking a decision on an immediate operation after the first interview and examination will be a very hasty decision for such an important operation. The patient should be given time to take his final decision. I don’t recommend it very much that this operation is performed on indecisive patient because the possibility that they will be unhappy in the subsequent period is high. If the person is indecisive about the nose surgery, a re-examination appointment at a later date should be given and his final decision should be awaited.

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