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Breast Asymmetry

Deformations and inequalities of breasts, which are one the most important female secondary sex characteristics, might cause serious self-confidence losses. With the sense of shame about their bodies, even a little asymmetry might cause – starting with trying to hide the breasts- very severe psychological traumas in the future.

Through the opportunities with which the advancing technology provides us the plastic surgery specialists, succesful results can be obtained in breast asymmetry treatment.

Tough asymmetric breast development can be seen in some certain diseases and syndromes, asymmetric breast problems for no particular reasons are more common.

In breast asymmetry treatments, it would be right to proceed according to the body structure and own wishes of the person . Age, weight, having given birth or planning to give birth determine the procedure to be carried out.

During the surgical procedure the small breast can be augmented with the help of prostheses or the bigger breast is reduced and lifted if the smaller one has the ideal size. If both of these procedures can not get the ideal breasts of the patient then one of the breasts can be slightly augmented and the other one can be reduced in the same session.

Breasts with obtained symmetry provide the person with aesthetic advantage as well as increase his self- confidence.

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