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Injection of Salmon – DNA

It is possible to replace the moisture, collagen, fibronectin and elastin, that our face, lower neck area and hands lose in the course of time and waking up younger and younger every day with the biogenevity treatment.

Thanks to ‘‘Pure Hyaluronic Acid’’ and its DNA molecule  derived from “Salmon” sperm, biogenevity treatment provides regeneration and rejuvenation of skin by enabling cell rejuvenation. The refreshment and rejuvenation of skin become rapidly apparent in the 2-month treatment period.

Although searchs for skin rehabilitation never end, it can be said that we’ve gained ground with the injection of Salmon-DNA and it is likely that our skin will not age anymore.

BIOGENEVITY, a program of bio revitalization of new generation, consists of two phases and provides instensive moisture, repair and revitalization as “Hyaliaphase” and “Nucliaphase”.

The treatment starts with Hyaliaphse which is an elastic hyaluronic acid solution with a density rate of  %20 and molecular weight of 1.000.000 daltons, to intensively moisturize the skin

Nucliaphase, a DNA molecule derived from salmon sperm, has a density of 7.5 mg/ml and constitutes the second phase of treatment.

Skin gains moisture through these phases.The metabolic activities of dermis increase. Thanks to the increased vascular endothelial growth factor blood flow surges and thus local oxygenation accelerates.

Endogenous hyaluronic acid level increases with in-situ manipulation of large amount of water molecules. Free radicals are removed intensely. Fibroblasts are stimulated, thus enabling an increase in collagen production. Capillary blood vessel formation is stimulated on a large scale. Moreover, a protection is ensured against the damages caused by UV radiation.

Application Procedure

The first phase of the treatment process starts with HYALIAPHASE injections every 15 days to intensively moisturize the skin.

In the second phase, when NUCLIAPHASE is applied every two weeks,DNA molecules derived from “Salmon” sperm are injected into the skin.
In cases where the skin is very dry shock therapy can be applied as well, if necessary.Three HYALIPHASE, and additionally three NUCLIAPHASE applications are carried out at intervals of 15 days during the shock therapy.


Patient notice the change and revitalization on their skin when they adhere to the application protocol during the treatment period.

Patients observe that their skin becomes more vital after every application and they wake up with a younger looking skin every morning.

Though one can look up to 10 years younger with this treatment skin quality of the person should be evaluated before the procedure.

The cause of this effect of salmon- DNA on the skin has been revealed as a consequence of scientific researchs.  At the end of the researchs, scientists achieved the information that “Salmon” sperm is the best source which can supplement disappearing proteins in human skin.

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