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Spot Treatment

Skin spots are among the most common skin diseases. Most of the spots are located especially on cheeks,forehead and chin causing a dull and rough appearance of face. Sometimes they can locate also on body parts such as the back, breast or hand.

In spot treatment, protection against UV rays is of first priority and it should not be forgotten that UV rays damage our skin not only in summer but also in winter; therefore, regular use of protective sun creams will protect us from spots.

In the treatment of spots, which may occur because of the sun, hormonal changes, pregnancy, drugs, some systemic diseases and skin care products,medications that will be applied on a particular area can sometimes decolorize the area or have a peeling characteristic; the most effective decolorizing agents that we know, are hydroquinone, kojic acid and ascorbic acid which can be applied sometimes indivually and sometimes combined. The medications with a peeling characteristic are fruit or retinoic acids which produce positive effects on the spots by penetrating into the deeper layers.

Along with these medical treatments, chemical peeling applications, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and laser treatments also play a very effective role in spot treatment.

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