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Op.Dr.Hüseyin KANDULU was born in 1979 in Nicosia. After completing his primary and secondary education in Northern Cyprus, he studied medicine at Trakya University Faculty of Medicine between 1997-2003 and became a Medical Doctor. After working as a general practitioner for a short time, he completed his specialty training in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Trakya University Faculty of Medicine between 2005-2010 by presenting his microsurgery thesis titled “The Effect of Chitosan on Microvascular Anastomosis Applications with Minimal Suture Technique”. During his residency training, his articles were published in many international refereed journals.

Believing in the success of focus, Dr. As soon as he completed his specialization training, Kandulu continued to improve himself by taking further vocational training. Dedicating himself to progress in the field of Aesthetic Surgery during his education years, Dr. In the post-specialization ONEP clinics in Kandulu, Prof. Dr. He had the opportunity to work with Onur Erol and completed the Fellowship program and received higher education in Aesthetic Surgery. He completed his compulsory service in Bilecik State Hospital by performing many successful operations between 2011-2013. Introducing many surgeries that have not been done before to the city of Bilecik and successfully performing thousands of surgeries in a short time. Kandulu was loved and appreciated by his patients in this city, and he was featured in the local press many times due to his success.

He returned to Istanbul between 2013-2015 and became the head of the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of Istanbul Surgery Hospital. In this process, he brought many technological innovations related to body surgery to the hospital and organized seminars on advanced body shaping procedures.

Never interrupting his higher education and giving special attention to body surgery, Dr. He received special training in advanced body shaping (Vaser Hi-Def, Vaser Liposuction, Fat Injections, Postbariatric Surgery) with the world’s leading surgeons in Kandulu, England, France and Colombia.

Hüseyin Kandulu established his own private clinic in Istanbul in 2015 and has been providing private training to his colleagues on advanced body contouring operations and high-volume fat transfer techniques since then. As of 2019, he has been working as an international instructor at ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery) and heads the Body Sculpting Department.

Between 2017-2022, he was invited to Monaco, Paris (4 times), Riyadh, Dubai (3 times), Kuwait, Budapest and Athens as a speaker many times and shared his experiences with his colleagues. In addition, he gave high-level training and certificates in this field to more than 60 surgeons from different countries, with live advanced body shaping surgery trainings in Istanbul, Dubai, Doha and Athens. Advanced body shaping courses include advanced liposuction techniques, breast and hip shaping with high-volume fat transfer, jowl and jaw line shaping, facial fat injection, breast reduction with fat transfer, tummy tuck with dense liposuction, and breast augmentation with breast implants. .

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