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Hidef Vaser Liposuction

It is possible to create projections of muscles in the body by applying superficial and deep liposuctions with Hi-def vaser which is an advanced liposuction technique. This technique can be applied in everyone who desires an athletic look but body fat ratio of person should be evaluated properly before the operation.

With this new technology, which enables body reshaping and to make lumbar, gluteal and abdominal regions prominent, especially the appearance of rectus abdominis muscle (six-pack) can be easily given to the patient. The projection of person’s natural muscle structure is designed before the procedure and a more athletic and fitter appearance is obtained with Hi-def vaser applied in these regions. Use of a special corset is necessary to preserve the created appearance after the procedure.

With Hi-def vaser liposculpture, which takes only a few hours, it is possible to attain a structure that is more sportive and has more prominent body contours.

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