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Breast Reduction Turkey

When the breast tissue is larger than normal and it disturbs the person, breast reduction turkey can be performed. With this operation, both the physical appearance of women is changed in the desired way and pain in neck and back area is largely relieved. Breast size is one of the most important elements of physical appearance. If breasts are excessively large, it may cause serious problems in patient’ s lives. In this case, they start making search about breast reduction prices.

While reduction itself is sufficient for a beautiful breast appearance in some cases, breast lift should also be performed at the same time. Thus, sagging problem is also solved in the same operation session.

How Is Breast Reduction Operation Performed?

It is an operation which is performed under anesthesia. Moreover, it is important to provide sterile operating room conditions for this operation. It must be performed by a specialist physician and it is completed in longer period compared to breast augmentation operation. Reduction is provided in the breast size by removing excess tissue through the incision area. Since large breast tissue causes pain in back and neck area, sometimes operation reason may not be for aesthetic concerns.

When necessary, the brown circle around the nipple can also be reduced. Operation duration may change depending on whether this procedure is also done. Patients do not feel any pain since it is performed under general anesthesia. Breast reduction prices are determined according to the applied technique and performed procedures.

Breast Reduction Methods

Various methods can be tried to reduce breast tissue. Exercise and diet are among these methods. However, they will not be sufficient in some cases. Even, there is possibility of facing sagging problem in the end. The most accurate method is surgical operation. It provides permanent reduction in the breast tissues. In other methods, breast tissue can enlarge again when you gain weight. As the fat tissue increases in the body, breast tissue enlarges again. However, you do not face such a problem after breast reduction operation.

Before Breast Reduction

Screening methods are used to visualize breast tissues. Mammography and USG are among the preferred screening methods. Moreover, some blood tests should also be done. Before the operation, it is planned to remove the excess fat and skin tissue as a result of the operation. Having a larger breast tissue than normal may be excessively disturbing for patients. Therefore, breast reduction prices has become one of the mostly asked questions.

What Are the Risks of Breast Reduction?

This operation, based on the principal of reducing breast tissue, is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, the risks sourced from any anesthetic operation are also available in the breast reduction operation. However, it is very important for patients to have preliminary examinations and complete all the necessary tests in this regard. Moreover, scar site infection and bleeding problems can also be seen if the incision area is not carefully treated and kept clean. Following the postoperative instructions of your doctor is of great importance.

Does Breast Reduction Leave Scars Afterwards?

It is an important issue as well whether the operation will leave any scar afterwards. Incisions are opened on some areas in order to remove the excess tissue during breast reduction operation. These incision areas are stitched at the end of operation. Even it leaves any scar, it cannot be noticed from the outside since it remains hidden under the breast. Breast reduction prices change if breast lift operation is also performed in the same session.

After Breast Reduction

Hospitalization may be required for one or two nights after the operation. Discharged patients are invited for controls at certain intervals. Doctor recommendations should be strictly followed for scar site care and pursuing daily activities. Resting is a very important issue after breast reduction operation. You should avoid compelling work and heavy physical activities until a complete recovery is provided. When patient feel themselves good enough, they may return to their work after consulting to the doctor.

Does Breast Reduction Cause Much Pain?

It is quite normal to have pain even so slightly, after each operation. However, in case of a severe pain, you should definitely consult your doctor. Painkillers are usually sufficient to relive the postoperative pain. As well as breast reduction prices, it is also another common question whether there will be pain after the operation. However, severe pain is not expected.

Does Breast Reduction Cause Cancer?

This operation or other breast aesthetic operations do not cause cancer. This common belief among the patient is not actually true. Breast aesthetic operations have been performed everywhere around the world for a long time. However, there has been no finding about the relation between these operations and cancer. Therefore, patient considering breast reduction operation should not keep their minds busy with these false facts.

What To Pay Attention After Breast Reduction?

Stitch area should be kept sterile after the operation. If you feel any pain, you can have painkillers as recommended by your doctor. Smokers should definitely stay away from smoking during the recovery period. Otherwise, it will delay the healing of incision area.

It is necessary to avoid heavy works and exercise after breast reduction operation. Starting heavy exercise before talking to your doctor may cause damage on the scar site. Therefore, it will be beneficial to complete the recovery period by resting at home.

Breast Reduction Prices

Patient considering this operation usually search about breast reduction problems. If they are uncomfortable with this situation, it means that aesthetic operations have become a necessity. It will be a logical solution for these patient to benefit from these operations in order to pursue their lives more confidently. If you also have such problems and if you want to have smaller breasts, you can receive information about breast reduction prices and get an appointment for preliminary examination.

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