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What Is Buttock Aesthetic?

The operation performed to improve the appearance of buttocks (hip) area is called buttocks aesthetics. It has become especially popular in recent years. This type of operation includes butt enlargement, butt reduction and butt lift. One of these procedures can be performed upon the request of person.

It is very important for most patient to be satisfied with their reflections in the mirror and look good with the clothes they wear. For this reason, it may be necessary to benefit from aesthetic operations as well as exercise and diet. With the butt aesthetic application, patient can reach the desired butt appearance.

How Is Buttock Aesthetic Performed?

It is a surgical intervention and performed under anesthesia. It is very important that this operation must be carried out by a specialist physician. Various methods can be used for buttock aesthetic. Person’s expectation is very important here. While butt reduction can be performed alone, butt augmentation and butt lift procedures can also be performed in the same session.

Who Can Have Buttock Aesthetic?

If requested, everyone above the age of 18 can have buttock aesthetic. It can be applied to both women and men. Different techniques will be applied if augmentation and reduction are planned for buttocks. It is not important for everyone how their buttocks look. Therefore, the person has the desire to have a beautifully shaped buttock and request such an aesthetic procedure.

What Are the Operation Methods for Buttock Aesthetic?

Different techniques are used to shape the buttocks. For example, augmentation or reduction can be done. In addition, butt lift is also an aesthetic operation method for this area. Butt suspension is also another buttock aesthetic. Moreover, lifting operation can also be performed for the sagging skin.

What to Pay Attention Before Buttock Aesthetic

It is important to be determined and know what you want before the operation. It is generally a comfortable and trouble-free operation. However, just like in any surgery, some tests should be made regarding the general health status of the patient before the butt aesthetic surgery. In addition, it is important to inform the physician who will perform the operation about chronic diseases and drugs that are used continuously, if any.

How Is the Recovery Period After Buttock Aesthetic?

It is important not to sit on your butts for a while after this operation. Following the instructions given by your doctor ensures faster and smoother recovery. The healing process takes a very short time. Smoking during this period will delay the recovery period.

After the butt aesthetic operation, it is necessary to wear a corset for up to three weeks. Thus, the buttocks take their final shape. It is recommended to sleep by lying face down or in lateral position for a while after the operation.

After Buttock Aesthetic Operation

It is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations after surgery. You should not sit on your butt for the period specified by the physician and avoid making pressure. Afterwards, you will not feel any numbness or other problems. In a short time, patient get used to their new butt form. However, you need to sit down and stand up carefully while in the toilet. It is useful to be careful about this point, especially until you get used to the new butt size. Drug injection from the buttocks is not recommended for patient who have had butt aesthetic surgery. Injection should be made from other areas.

Buttock Prosthesis

With butt prosthesis, augmentation is provided in butt size. It is a butt aesthetic operation that can be applied to patient who think that their butt is small and who are uncomfortable with this situation. After this surgery, patient may be concerned about numbness. However, there will not be such a situation. Silicone is used as prosthesis. In addition, butt augmentation can be done using adipose tissue as well. Water-based fillings can also be placed in the butt area under local anesthesia. In this case, even hospitalization will not be required.

Buttock Lift

The hip area may sag down genetically or with the effect of gravity over time. In this case, it is not always possible to benefit from doing exercises.. Thanks to the butt lift operation, it is possible to have an upright hip appearance.

How Long Does Buttock Aesthetic Operation Last?

The operation is usually completed in about one hour. The duration may be longer or shorter depending on the procedure applied. It can be said that it is a comfortable and easy surgery. It is very important to create sterile conditions before the operation.

Is Buttock Aesthetic A Painful Operation?

This operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. Therefore, it is not an expected situation that patient feel pain during the operation. However, mild pain may be experienced after the anesthesia effect decreases. It is normal for the pain to continue for a few days. In this process, painkillers can be useful for relieving the pain.

What Are the Risks of Buttock Aesthetic?

Before the operation, patient’s chronic diseases and medications are questioned in detail. Making this evaluation is important for reducing the risks of surgery. In general, it is a comfortable surgery with low risk. In rare cases, some risks may occur due to anesthesia. For this reason, the necessary inquiries should be made before the surgery day and the test results should be examined.

Does Buttock Aesthetic Leave Scars?

This surgery is done for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, it is not desired to deteriorate the aesthetic appearance by leaving a scar. Special care is taken to complete the operation with the least scar. Since the prosthesis is placed through the incision made on the folded area of the butt, it is very difficult to notice the scar from the outside even if there is any scar. In general, it is aimed to achieve an aesthetic appearance in the butt area.

Buttock Aesthetic Prices

Prices change depending on the applied technique. For example; butt lift, butt suspension, butt lift and butt reduction prices are different from each other. Therefore, it will be more accurate to give price individually for each person. Patient who want to have a new butt shape can apply for buttock aesthetic.

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