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Eyelid Aesthetics

Since the thinnest skin of our body is the eyelid skin, first effects of aging reveal themselves around the eyes. And this cause a sad, tired and old appearance in a person. Upper eyelid sagging sometimes negatively affects even the vision.

The so-called ‘‘eye lid aesthetics’’(blepharoplasty) emerges as the only solution that can be resorted to after manifestation of excess skin around the eyes, wrinkles linked to this excess skin and under-eye bags.

In this procedure, which can be easily applied under local anesthesia, it is essential to remove the excess skin and reshape the subcutaneous fat tissue (under-eye bags).

Bruises and swellings occured around the eyes will diminish between 3 and 5 days and the person can easily return to work the day after surgery. A dramatic difference emerges after this short and painless procedure.

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