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Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

We apply hair transplant turkey method for those who have bald areas on their scalp. Hair is one of the most important factors affecting a person’s appearance. Therefore, you can find a permanent solution for this problem instead of spending your days with dull and thinning hair. It is possible to achieve a desired hair appearance with hair transplant method even if there is full baldness.

Hair transplant prices will be the first question when patient want to undergo this procedure. However, it would be more appropriate to give some information about the procedure itself before talking about the prices.

How Is Hair Transplant Performed?

Each hair strand has a follicle and hair transplant is performed with these follicles. Hair loss is usually seen in the upper and side parts of scalp. In other words, hair in the nape area does not usually shed or they shed at the last. Therefore, hair follicles in the nape area are used for the procedure. However, remaining sparse areas after follicle collection cannot be noticed from the outside.

The first step in the procedure is the collection of hair follicles. While it depends on the technique to be applied, hair follicles can be collected individually or in the form of strap. Later, these follicles are transplanted as the second step. Channels are opened on the bald areas and hair follicles are carefully placed through these channels. It should be paid attention to give the correct angle while placing the hair follicles. If they are placed in upright position, it will cause an unnatural appearance.

Preparation for Hair Transplant Operation

Do not ever despair if your hair has started to become thinner or even get bald. Medical technologies have continuously developed and achieved remarkable success in the aesthetic procedures. In other words, hair transplant is performed very successfully today under professional conditions. There is no necessary preliminary preparation. You only need to have some tests and undergo doctor examination. The procedure can be applied if there is not any health problem which will prevent the operation.

Main Stages of Hair Transplant

There are basically two stages for hair transplantation. The first is to collect the follicles, the second is to place them in their new place. Of course, there are some details changing with the applied technique. For example, hair transplant prices vary according to the applied technique. However, the stages are basically the same.

For the first stage, hair follicles in the nape area are generally used. The suitable follicles are collected and then placed in the determined area in the second stage. In short, a transplant procedure is performed. However, person’s own hair follicles are transplanted here. Therefore, there is no negative situation such as tissue rejection.

Before Hair Transplant

Holes are opened on certain areas of the scalp before the procedure. Even the top and sides may be completely bald. This situation can be quite displeasing for patient. Consequently, many of these patient start to search hair transplant prices. Patient’s comments after this procedure are usually positive. Because patient reach natural looking and bright hair after having hair transplant operation.

Hair Transplant Centers

It is very important to provide sterile conditions in these clinics. Hair transplant is a transplantation procedure and sterility is of great importance. Otherwise, infections are inevitable. It should be remembered that it is a serios operation and should be performed by experienced physicians.

Hair transplant prices vary depending on the width of the application area. In addition, the technique to be applied is also an important factor for the price. If you are considering having this procedure, you can contact us and take an appointment for preliminary examination.

After Hair Transplant

First washing after the procedure is made with a special solution under clinical conditions. Later, if you prefer, you can have your hair washed in the clinic again. It is very important to touch the area gently and not to damage transplanted follicles. Moreover, you should avoid wearing a hat and making pressure on the scalp for a while.

Transplanted hair falls out within an average of three weeks. It is normal. Then it will grow again. You need to wait 6-8 months for your hair to take its final shape. The result will be really impressive. After getting information about hair transplant prices, you can comfortably decide to undergo this procedure.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Patient may come across different techniques when they make search about this procedure. There may be some changes between the techniques for hair transplant prices. You may hear different hair transplant techniques such as DHI, FUT, FUE and Sapphire. The important thing is that the person is specially evaluated and the most appropriate method is decided by the physician.

Hair loss is inevitable for most men, especially with advancing age. However, it should be known that it is not an unsolvable problem . Even if complete baldness has developed, it is possible to regain thick hair with this technique.

Reviews of Hair Transplant

Patient who have hair transplantation due to the problem of thinning hair or baldness become satisfied with the results. When you check on patient reviews, you can see that patient are happy with the result of this procedure. After the required time has passed, you will have bright and natural looking hair just like others. The most important advantage of this procedure is that the newly growing hair is permanent. In other words, these hair do not fall out again. You will completely get rid of hair loss and baldness problem. After looking at the reviews, you will see that hair transplant prices are within an affordable range.

Hair Transplant Prices

Budget is an important issue for patient. Therefore, it is normal to ask about the price of a procedure which they want to have. Hair transplant prices are very affordable when compared to the excellent results which will be achieved in the end.

Transplant area is determined during an examination before the procedure and patient is evaluated for suitability. You can get a bright and natural looking hair with hair transplant method which is extremely safe and comfortable method.

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