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Preoperative General Information

Blood thinners like aspirin should be released 10 days prior to any kind of surgery with local or general anesthesia.
If you use any blood thinner pill or needle due to any disease (vascular disease, heart disease, cerebro-vascular disease), please inform your doctor.
If you have any disease such as DM (diabetes), heart disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, etc.; please do not miss to inform your doctor.
Please inform your doctor if you used any psychiatric drug.
Herbal medicines and herbal teas except green and black tea should be released 1 week prior to surgery.

If you are not able to give up smoking permanently, we advise to give it up 7-14 days prior to surgery and also do not kindly smoke for 15 days after the surgery.
We advise not to drink alcohol 3 days prior to surgery and also 5 days after surgery.
If you use any drug or its derivatives, please inform your doctor.
If your surgery will ocur with general anesthesia, you should stop taking solid and liquid foods and also smoking 6 hours prior to surgery. Otherwise, your surgery is postponed.
There is no need to be hungry or thirsty before the surgeries with local anesthesia.
Eating and drinking should be released prior to surgeries which is assisted by local anesthesia or Sedo-Analgesia.
Taking a shower and good sleep will relax you before the operation. We advise to come to your room and prepare yourselves 2-3 hours before the surgery.
Please consult your doctor or nurse regarding to suitable dresses for your surgery.

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