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Mesotherapy is a method of injecting necessary substances ( amino acids, hyaluronic acid, minerals etc.) through thin needles into the areas of which treatments are planned . Mesotherapy is helpful at facial rejuvenation (reducing the wrinkles, securing the tightness), elimination of local fat excesses with cellulite therapy, hair loss and getting healthier hair.

It is often applied on face, lower neck and neck areas as well as on the back of the hand. Thus, the aging effects on these areas regress and the skin gains a younger, brighter look.The moisture balance and antioxidants, which the skin needs, are regained. You will notice in a short time that your skin becomes healthier, brighter, tighter, less wrinkled and smoother.

In this application performed with thin needles, depending on the treatment area, also local anesthesia support is added which enables a painless and comfortable procedure.

Repetitive sessions will enhance the success. It would be appropriate to use restorative and protective products on the facial area after these procedures.

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