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Rhinoplasty Turkey

  • Blood thinners like aspirin should be released 10 days prior to rhinoplasty turkey.
  • Herbal medicines and herbal teas except green and black tea should be released 1 week prior to surgery.
  • If you are not able to give up smoking permanently, we advise to give it up 7 days prior to surgery and also do not kindly smoke for 15 days after the surgery for healing.
  • We advise not to use alcohol 3 night prior to surgery.
  • If you use any drug or its derivatives, please inform your doctor.
  • Our patients who have Rhinoplasty in the morning are able to go their home in the evening at the same day.
  • Our patients are free to get liquid foods in 6 hours after the surgery. If there is no nausea, they can start soft and normal diet. Everything is free for your diet after 1 day from surgery.
  • If our patients lie on bed as their heads are perpendicular 3 days after surgery, their edema will heal quicker.
  • We do not prefer to use pad but we may have to use pad when necessary. If we have to use pads, they are removed 24 hours after surgery. There are some leakings normally after pads are removed.
  • Our patients may not be able to breathe comfortably due to swollen nasal mucosa 1 week after the surgery.Nasal washing with the solutions and the using of night creams will relax our patients.
  • Bruises may occur in different levels for each person. Cold treatment for 24-48 hours on the eyes precludes edema and bruises. If there are bruises, patient should be protected from sun.
  • After the surgery, many patients may think that their nose tip gets upturned. Please be patient until your collar is removed and healing process is completed. What is more, please do not look at bottom of your nose. Nostrils can not be raised up to be seen in the front view after surgery which has been operated by qualified doctor.
  • Patients are allowed to take shower after surgery. Severe water squeezing should be avoided to face while taking shower.
  • Patients are allowed to eat and drink whatever they would like. However we recommend aqueous and mash-style foods first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Postoperative controls will be at 7thday / 3rdweek / 6thweek / 3rdmonth / 6thmonth / 1st year after the surgery.
  • Splints and stitches on nose will be removed on first control at 7thday. If there is any pad, it also will be removed.
  • When we remove your bandage after the surgery, patient will see how much the nose is properly and be happy. What is more, patient will be more comfortable once edema gets decline in first 4 weeks. In first 1 month period, edema will move to cheeks and tip of nose due to gravity. Tip of nose seems swollen in this period but there is nothing to worry.
  • Wearing glasses and blowing one’s nose is not recommended for 6 weeks after surgery.
  • First 6 weeks are very important for cartilage healing and bone fusion. Therefore, traumas should be avoided.
  • Healing process takes about 6 months or 1 year for final result. This period should be completed for any revision.
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