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Tummy Tuck Turkey

The procedure of removing stretch marks which have occured after delivery or extreme weight gains/losses and excess skin as well as ensuring a smaller waist region by strengthening abdominal muscles, is known as the ‘‘tummy tuck’’.

The tummy tuck turkey procedure (classic abdominoplasty) is an operation method which takes around 2.5-3 hours, where the umbilicus is re-positioned, there is an incision scar which extends from inguen to inguen in a way that it is hidden under the bikini line and abdominal muscles are tightened.

Adding liposuction to these procedures would help to attain an more elegant and sportive appearance on waist region and belly.

There will be a stiffness on stitch sites within first three days postoperatively, therefore walking extremely straight is not allowed, it is advised to use a corset for 3-4 weeks and avoid arduous sports in the 4-week period postoperatively.

This operation is often performed under general anesthesia but it is also possible to perform it under epidural anesthesia. The basic difference of this method, which we call mini ‘‘abdominoplasty’’ where the recovery time of patient is faster compared to classic tummy tuck procedure, is that the skin deformity and looseness of abdominal muscles are corrected without intervening umbilicus. This procedure can be applied under general or epidural anesthesia as well.

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