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The right thing to do is to be our own life coach and put proper nutrition and sports into action as a part of our life. But we all postpone these by finding pretexts on our own.

We still eat up desserts saying ‘‘this is the last one’’. Consequently fattenings start to occur in our bodies in a vicious circle of life: in the beginning we don’t care about it and can hide these with small fashion tricks.

Thereafter we see that women spend more time when they go shopping and have diffulties in finding what they are looking for saying ‘‘it doesn’t fit me, it makes this part of me look bigger’’ and come unhappily back from shopping  again by spending more time and money.

Although many people can not admit it to themselves, the reason of time being spent in front of mirror before leaving home and dresses which are changed again and again and can not be chosen is the lifestyle previously uncared about .

Although the most important factor is saying ‘‘stop’’before such a stage is arrived and putting sports and proper nutrition rules into our life, it is possible to break this cycle of misery  through body aesthetics before it’s too late.

The method, which we commonly apply in body reshaping is liposuction. The most important point which should not be forgotten on this subject is that liposuction is not a weight-loss method but it is a body reshaping method.

Liposuction is a method of removing fats accumulated in certain parts of body by means of vacuum and using thin cannulas (metal pipes). Through this intervention, the body is given a more proportional shape by removing fats on sites where there are more fat accumulations than other body regions. This procedure is especially applied in regions such as belly, buttocks (hips), legs, knee, sides of waist, back region, ankles, legs and lower chin. Although the fats removed from these areas are used especially for facial rejuvenation, they are frequently applied for attaining more spectacular lips as well, by putting them through special processes.

Liposuction surgery is performed through cannulas (metal pipes) in various thinnesses by making millimetric incisions to remove fat cells in certain body regions. There is no scar postoperatively due to the smallness of incisions. What you need to now about this operation is that the fat cells are removed, because the number of fat cells in our body doesn’t change after adolescence, just the size of these fat cells increase. Therefore, if you remove the half of one million fat cells in the belly area of a woman she will not gain weight in her belly area afterwards.

This surgery can be performed by administering ataractic drugs according to the size of application areas under local or general anesthesia. Though different surgery names like lipoplasty, liposculpture and liposhaping are pronounced with the process of body reshaping by re-injecting fats, which are removed in liposuction surgery, into the body, all of these mean the same procedure.

In addition to this, you might hear terms like ultrasonic, laser-assisted, dry and wet liposuction. During ultrasonic and laser-assisted liposuction methods fats are suctioned from body via cannulas again by decomposing them with sound and heat, however any superiority of these methods have not been reported yet. Most of the plastic surgeons basically apply tumescent method and it maintains its popularity in liposuction procedure. In this method, fats are loosened with a solution intected into the body which is prepared with antihemorrhagic agents and analgesics abd suctioned through cannulas.

The most important problem that we might encounter after liposuction procedure is the rough appearance and indentations and bulges which may occur on the operated area. Since such a result is seen in persons who are overweight and have lost their skin elasticities, the procedure can be divided into sessions when necessary by discussing it beforehand with the patient. It is easy to correct small indentations and bulges but if deeper hollows occur in skin due to saggings, procedures such as tummy tuck, leg lift, arm lift as well as serious filling opeations might be necessary to correct them.

After the removal of excess fats through liposuction procedure, we advise to wear special corsets which can be used for 3-4 weeks, in order to help the skin regain its elasticity. Also lymph drainage massages, LPG and sportive activities would be helpful to eliminate edema more rapidly in the body after surgery.

I should state that, laying stress on the fact that a fit and healthy body can be get by making proper nutrition and sports a lifestyle, if despite all of these an increase in regional lipoidosis has occured in certains regions of your body such as hips, buttocks, belly, jowl, knee etc. and you have difficulty in losing these kilos, then you are a very good canditate for this surgery.

Although women come to mind in every field where aesthetics and beauty exist, liposuction procedure is method which is frequently applied in men as well. Especially in certain stages in the treatment of male breast enlargement known as gynecomastia, these deformities can be corrected without making incisions under local anesthesia.

Say ‘‘stop’’ to fattening without losing your self-confidence. It is all in your hands…

You can achieve it by getting proper nutrition, exercising and making friends with a good plastic surgeon.

I wish you a healthy life in which women are active…