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The laser technology has now an undeniable place in aesthetic surgery. Laser wavelengths differ according to fields of impact at the clinic. They are used in procedures such as epilation, skin peeling(facial rejuvenation), tattoo scar removal, vascular anomaly treatments (varicose, hemangioma etc.) and fat disintegration.

It is important in the laser epilation procedure that the correct laser type is selected according to the wavelength to obtain an effective result in compliance with the patient’s skin colour and structure. Laser epilation procedure, which can be applied in sessions on any required area of the body, give very good results after about 4-6 sessions.

The basic mechanism of facial rejuvenation through laser is to peel the top layer of skin allowing it to regenerate and ensure the formation of a younger skin texture. Pain is relieved generally with local anesthesia according to the application area. The eyes of the patient and practitioner should be protected during the application.

General logic and principles are the same as for dermabrasion. Effectiveness rate and recovery time differ according to the applied laser type, wavelength and duration. After the procedure, skin protection, avoidance of UV rays and moisturizing are of great importance. When necessary, repetitive sessions can be performed.

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