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Hello, Dr.Hüseyin is a rare blessing for those in Bilecik…I found the opportunity to meet Mr.Hüseyin at the state hospital after my friend had said there was a very good doctor here. There was a disproportion in my eyelids because of the styes occuring since I was a child and actually I wasn’t very conscious about what to do. Mr.Hüseyin directly counted out the deformities on my face and gave information about how he would correct them. It also motivates the patient when a doctor talks confidently. Mr.Hüseyin is such a person. He meticulously performed my brow thread lift and eyelid correction surgeries, fat injections into some of my facial areas and my peeling procedure. He constantly made checks after surgery as well, it pleased me a lot that he visited each of his patients even at the midnight. There were sunspots on my skin, my skin has started to shine. My eyelids have gained a symmetrical appearance, fillings in my face have diminished my lines and also my eyebrows have obtained a much better look than before. My self-confidence has increased after these procedures applied in me. In short, Dr.Hüseyin Kandulu is a man who loves his job so much and demonstrates it with his way of talking and treating patients to the person opposite him. It was my luck that I met such a valuable person in a small place like Bilecik… Thank you very much Mr.Hüseyin, so glad there is you….

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