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In butt aesthetic surgeries, which is increasingly gaining popularity also in our country among aesthetic surgery interventions, butt region that has lost its volume and sagged over the course of time, is given its aesthetic attractiveness back.

Fat injections and prostheses are used to give volume. The procedure takes 2-2.5 hours depending on the method chosen. Fat injections are performed without incision. There is an incision of 4-5 cm which is hidden between buttock creases in prosthesis procedure.

The saggings which occur in buttocks after extreme weight losses, are corrected in a way that the excess skin is removed by lifting the butt upwards and re-stitching it. The scars are planned to be able to be hidden under the bikini line in this surgery which leaves a larger scar.

A lift procedure can be applied in buttocks which have sagged downwards over the course of time due to gravity but not lost their volumes, without scars and incisions. The only matter which the patient should care about after this procedure is not to sit on butt and stand up in a hasty manner.