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Breast Reduction Turkey

  • It is recommended to discontinue using aspirin and other blood thinners 10 days prior to the surgery.
  • Herbal medicines and herbal teas except green and black tea should be released 1 week prior to surgery.
  • If you are smoking it is recommended to quit it for your health, if you can’t quit it, you should stop smoking 15 days prior to surgery and 15 days after the surgery to improve healing.
  • We advise not to use alcohol 3 nights prior to surgery.
  • If you use any drug or its derivatives, please inform your doctor.
  • Please use all medicines, especially painkillers, as recommended even if you don’t have pain.
  • It is allowed to start taking liquid food after 6 hours from breast reduction surgery and if there isn’t nausea, patient can start normal diet. After first day patients can continue their regular diet.
  • Lifting heavy weights, moves that consist reaching highs with arms and doing sports with arms are not recommended in one and half month period after the surgery.
  • Using a special sports bra is recommended for first month.
  • You can take a shower 48 hours after your drains are taken. However, please remember to renew your medical dressing after shower.
  • Medical dressing with antibiotic cream and baticon is recommended for first 15 days. And the next week, you may use antibiotic cream and keep the seam moist is helpful but it is not essential.
  • On 20th day after the surgery, gentle massage on seams 2-3 times per day with Kenakort A skin ointment will reduce the trails which may occur.
  • We don’t have any special dietary recommendation as an obstacle for your feeding. Drinking plenty of water is helpful.
  • It is not recommended to lie prone at first month after surgery, because it may cause pain and may damage your wounds.
  • Wearing court shoes after surgery won’t cause a problem.
  • Please inform your doctor, if there is a leakage or sign of opening on the seams or excessive swellings and severe pain on your breast.
  • Your breasts will be excessively vertical after the surgery and don’t be surprised about that. Your breasts will have the natural and desired shape in first 3 months with effect of gravity and reduction in oedema.
  • Postoperative controls will be at 1st week / 4rd week / 3rd month / 6thmonth / 1styear after the surgery if your doctor doesn’t provide any different information.
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