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Breast Prothesis

  • It is recommended to discontinue using aspirin and other blood thinners 10 days prior to the surgery.
  • Herbal medicines and herbal teas except green and black tea should be released 1 week prior to surgery.
  • If you are smoking it is recommended to quit it for your health, if you can’t quit it, you should stop smoking 15 days prior to surgery and 15 days after the surgery to improve healing.
  • We advise not to use alcohol 3 nights prior to surgery.
  • If you use any drug or its derivatives, please inform your doctor.
  • Please use all medicines, especially painkillers, as recommended even if you don’t have pain.
  • It is allowed to start taking liquid food after 6 hours from breast prosthesis surgery and if there isn’t nausea, patient can start normal diet. After first day patients can continue their regular diet.
  • Lifting heavy weights and doing sports with arms are not recommended in one and half month period after the surgery.
  • When do you take shower? If drains are not applied, you can take a shower after 48 hours. If drains are applied, you can take a shower 48 hours after your drains are taken and it is strongly recommended.
  • After your drains are taken, there might be small leakages from drain locations which is not important to worry about.
  • Liquid or mashed food is more proper to consume after first 24 hours from surgery. After that there is no need for a special diet. Drinking plenty of water is helpful.
  • It is not recommended to lie prone at first month after surgery, because it may cause pain and may damage your wounds.
  • Wearing court shoes after surgery won’t cause a problem.
  • There are thin bands over seams. It is required to do dressing over these bands once per day with baticon. Applying this dressing for first 10 days and proceeding with recommended cream afterwards is sufficient.
  • Postoperative controls will be at 1st week / 3rd week /6th week/ 3rd month / 6thmonth / 1styear after the surgery if your doctor doesn’t provide any different information.
  • It is required for you to use sports bra for first month after the surgery. Your doctor will give necessary information if massage or additional bandages are needed.
  • If Breast Implant is applied under the muscles it is natural for you to feel pressure on your breast and feel little pain for first 3 days. In prosthesis under breast tissue, as long as painkillers are used, no severe pain except little tingling expected to occur.
  •  Oedema will decrease fast after 3 weeks from breast prosthesis, however in order to observe breasts become natural and recover, it is required to complete the healing process. Results will be observed after approximately 3rd month.
  • Undesirable cases; excessive leak and odour at seams, sudden swelling, bruising and pain in breast at first 24 hours, hardening in breasts or to be able to feel the prosthesis in recovery period. In these cases, please inform your doctor.
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