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Thigh Lift Operation

The most accurate treatment for sagging thigh skin in individuals is thigh lift surgery. It provides very successful results. Skin sagging caused by excessive weight gain, inactivity and fatty diet can be treated in this way.

How Is Thigh Lift Operation Performed?

Sterile operating room conditions are required for the operation. It is done by a specialist physician. Excess skin is removed to eliminate sagging in the thigh area. Thus, tightening and correction are achieved after thigh lift surgery.

Who Are Suitable for Thigh Lift Operation?

Sagging and skin cracks can be seen in the thigh skin because of frequent weight changes and excessive weight loss. This situation is more prominent especially in upper leg area. Price of thigh lift operation varies depending on the operation area and whether an extra procedure will be applied. Skin sagging cannot be corrected with other methods. Therefore, the most accurate method to be recommended to these patient is definitely the surgical intervention.

Before Thigh Lift Operation

Before the operation, the thigh is in sagging condition. There may even be skin cracks in some parts. This finding can be seen after weight gain and loss. The person should be  evaluated in detail before deciding on the operation and it will be determined whether he is suitable for the operation.

It is recommended to stop smoking two weeks before the operation if you are smoking. Smoking causes vascular obstruction. Therefore, blood supply of the operation area is impaired and recovery is delayed. For this reason, quitting smoking before thigh lift surgery allows you to recover faster as in all the other operations.

After Thigh Lift Operation

Resting is very important after this operation, which is performed to eliminate the sagging of the thigh area. You should rest during the certain time recommended by your doctor. Afterwards, it would be best to avoid heavy exercises. Until the recovery is complete, avoiding heavy work that will strain your leg muscles will allow acceleration of recovery period. Correction and tightening in your legs after thigh lift operation will be quite surprising and satisfying for you.

What to Pay Attention After Thigh Lift Operation?

It is important to keep the stitches clean after this operation. Otherwise, there is a risk of wound infection. It is necessary to have rest and avoid heavy exercise for the specified time. You can return to your work after about one week – 10 days. In addition, it is normal to feel pain in the first days. This is not an unbearable pain. You can take painkillers upon the recommendation of your doctor who carried out your surgery. If you do not smoke after the surgery, recovery will be faster and smooth.

Prices of Thigh Lift Operation

Price of thigh lift operation is very important for patient. It is quite normal that they think about their budget. However, it can be said that this operation is performed at very affordable prices. You can arrange your budget better if a suitable payment plan is made for you.

You can demand more detailed information about the price of thigh lift operation. Thus, you can have your surgery comfortably by making your budget adjustments before the surgery.

What Is the Success Rate of Thigh Lift Operation?

It can be easily said that it is a very successful surgery. Sagging in the thigh area is efficiently removed in this operation. Tightening that can never be achieved with any other method is provided by this operation. As a result, patient are very curious about the prices of thigh lift surgery and other issues related to the surgery. While doing research on this subject, it should be remembered that each individual is unique and should be specially evaluated before surgery.

Does Sagging Occur Again After the Operation?

It is not expected to experience sagging again unless there is an extraordinary situation after a successfully performed operation. Thigh area is extensively corrected after a successful thigh lift operation.

Is Thigh Lift Operation Performed at State Hospital?

The most frequently asked two questions about this procedure are how much the price of thigh lift operation is and whether it can be performed at state hospitals. This operation can be performed by specialist physicians at state hospitals. However, price of thigh lift operation is paid by the person himself.

Is Thigh Lift Operation Covered by Social Insurance?

Social Insurance does not cover the operation. Price of thigh lift operations must be paid by the person himself.

Is Inner Thigh Lift Operation Risky?

Operation is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, possible risks of each operation which is performed under anesthesia are also available for this operation. Patient should be evaluated in detail before the operation and necessary tests should be done. Patient who undergo inner thigh lift operation may face bleeding, infection and scar site problem, even rarely. Patients should strictly follow doctor’s recommendations after the operation.

Is an Extra Operation Required After Thigh Lift Operation?

After this operation, there is usually no need for an additional operation. Patient continue their new lives with tightened and free of excess skin. However, even rarely, sagging may be observed due to excessive weight gain and loss after thigh lift surgery. Although this situation is rarely encountered, patient should be careful about gaining and losing weight after surgery.

Does Inner Thigh Lift Operation Leave Scar?

Skin sagging in the inner thigh area can be successfully removed with this operation. The remaining scar is almost invisible. In addition, it cannot be noticed from the outside since it remains hidden in the inner part of thighs. In other words, a person who undergoes inner thigh lift operation does not possibly have a visible scar.

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