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Aftergrafting Rich Fat Tissue From Stem Cells

  • It is recommended to discontinue using aspirin and other blood thinners 10 days prior to the surgery.
  • Herbal medicines and herbal teas except green and black tea should be released 1 week prior to surgery.
  • If you are smoking it is recommended to quit it for your health, if you can’t quit it, you should stop smoking 7 days prior to surgery and 15 days after the surgery to improve healing.
  • We advise not to use alcohol 3 nights prior to surgery.
  • If you use any drug or its derivatives, please inform your doctor.
  • In tissue grafting, fat cells will be taken delicately from belly which is rich at stem cells, then they  will be processed specially, afterwards growth hormones from our abdomen are added and  applied to the relevant places.
  • During tissue grafting, there will definitely be oedema on applied area (face, hand, neck). This oedema decreases rapidly in the 1stweek. Many patients stated that they could work easily after 3rdor 5thday. Waiting for one week will be my recommendation as your doctor.
  • Icing at intervals will prevent the increase in bruises and swellings at first 48 hours after the surgery.
  • Liquid food is allowed after 6 hours from surgery and if there is no nausea, patient can start mashed food. Consuming unsalted food at 1stmonth will prevent oedema to occur.
  •  Lying head upright position without turning left or right at first 15-20 days helps decrease in swellings.
  • It is recommended to avoid sunlight and not to do solarium until swellings and bruises are reduced.
  • You should protect yourself from sunlight, sauna and public bath for a month to reduce your swellings faster and to prevent new swellings.
  • There is no need for a special medical dressing since there is no cutting in this operation. Using antibiotic cream on small holes, where tissue is taken from, will be sufficient.
  • There might be leakage from holes in 24 hours, there is no need for anxiety.
  • There is no stitch, that need to be taken. If stitches are used, they will drop without effort.
  • Postoperative controls will be at 1st week / 4rd week / 3rd month / 6thmonth / 1styear. 
  • Grafted tissues are permanent and they continue living in this area with blood, but after a while naturally there might be tissue meltdowns, which may require addition sessions.
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