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Abdominoplasty Operation

Sagging in the abdominal area can be corrected with abdominoplasty operation. Because of excessive weight changes and pregnancy, sagging may occur in the skin of abdominal area. The most accurate solution of this problem is surgical intervention. It is difficult to achieve a correction on the sagged abdominal skin with other methods. Therefore, one of the issues that patient who are faced with the problem of abdominal sagging wonder is the situation before and after abdominoplasty operation.

Aesthetic operations have a very important place for patient to regain their self-confidence. For this reason, it would be best to act immediately and take the necessary steps for the aesthetic operation you need instead of delaying it. If you have completed your weight loss process and are not planning a new pregnancy in the near future, you can also have abdominoplasty operation for sagging in your abdominal area.

Who Can Have Abdominoplasty Operation?

Abdominoplasty operation is performed on patient who have sagging problems in the abdominal area. If the person has a goal of losing weight, it would be more appropriate to perform this operation after reaching the ideal weight. Because experiencing weight loss after surgery may cause sagging again.

Abdominal circumference is the area which is most affected by weight gain and loss. In addition, it enlarges rapidly during pregnancy and then enters a rapid shrinkage process. As a result of the increasing and decreasing abdominal fat, sagging may occur in the skin. Skin cracks  may also occur. This can be extremely disturbing for patient. Abdominoplasty operation can be applied to these patient as a permanent solution to their problems.

How Is Abdominoplasty Operation Performed?

The sagging skin is removed during the operation. It is ensured that the abdomen becomes tightened again. This operation should be done in a sterile operating room. General anesthesia is applied to patients. After the excess skin is removed, abdominal wall muscles tighten again. Patient who have had a large number of deliveries, have had multiple pregnancies, and lose weight frequently can use this method to tighten their abdominal area.

If this surgery is performed under sterile conditions by a specialist physician, complication risk becomes minimum. As a result of a meticulous operation, you will reach a tightened abdomen as you desire. The clothes will look better on you and your self-confidence will increase again.

Before Abdominoplasty Operation

Patient who are going to be operated for abdominal sagging first need to be evaluated by a specialist physician. The aim of this examination is to see whether the person is suitable for the operation. Necessary blood tests are done. Patient’s smoking habits, medicines being used and chronic diseases are questioned. If it is decided as suitable, abdominoplasty operation is planned.

Before the operation, it must be confirmed that the person does not consider pregnancy in the near future. Moreover, if the person has excess weight to lose, the surgery should be postponed after the diet period. Thus, the tension and tightening obtained in the abdominal area will last longer.

Watch an Abdominoplasty Operation

The idea of operation has always been scary for patient. However, thanks to the developing medical technologies and treatment techniques, operations have become easier than before. It should be known that abdominoplasty operation is a comfortable operation and you should not worry about it. When it is performed by an experienced physician, the results you obtain will be perfect. Thanks to this operation, you can achieve abdominal tightening that you cannot achieve with any other method.

Sagging and cracks in the abdominal skin are removed during this operation. It is important that the remaining tissue is sutured properly and the operation is completed with the least incision. Its duration varies from person to person.

After Abdominoplasty Operation

One of the mostly asked questions after abdominoplasty is whether it is inconvenient for that person to become pregnant afterwards. In fact, there is no situation that would prevent the person from getting pregnant after abdominoplasty. However, as the abdominal skin will stretch again during pregnancy, it is more appropriate to plan this operation after pregnancy if you are considering a pregnancy soon.

It is very important to pay attention to the doctor’s recommendations after the operation. Otherwise, there may be a delay in the healing process. Smoking, in particular, delays the wound healing process. Therefore, it is recommended to stop smoking for patient who want to undergo this operation. In addition, pain may be felt in the first days, even so mildly. Painkillers can be taken by informing the doctor beforehand.

Abdominoplasty Operation

This operation is among the aesthetic interventions. Patient who complain about the skin sagging in abdominal area can have this operation. It is the most efficient method to achieve a tightened and tense abdominal skin. Exercise and diet will not help to obtain tightness on the abdomen. Because sagging occurs on the skin. In other words, strengthening the muscles by doing exercise or decreasing fat tissue by making diet does not treat skin sagging. If you want a permanent tightness on the abdominal skin, you should know that abdominoplasty operation is the most accurate solution. After this operation, the appearance of your abdominal area will make you surprised. It is possible to achieve a flat and tight abdominal appearance with this surgical intervention.

Abdominoplasty Prices

Operation price may vary from person to person. Because treatment area and sagging degree of each person may be different. It would be more accurate to give price information after making an individual evaluation. The result to be obtained after the operation will be impressive. You will have a flat and tight abdomen again. You will be pleased with your reflection on the mirror. After making a suitable payment plan and sharing detailed information, appointment can be given for abdominoplasty operation.

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